Jain Temple In Warangal

Warangal’s Jain Temple is undoubtedly one of the places of splendid beauty in Kolanupaka, one of the important tourist places in Warangal. Known for their immense grandeur and splendid beauty, the Jain Temples are usually a spot of great tourist attraction and The Jain temple of Warangal is not at all an exception to it. Over and above the beauty that the Jain Temples usually exhibit, the Jain Temple of Warangal is one of the unique and exception example of classic beauty and skills of the craftsmen of the era gone by.

Why Jain Temple is Major Tourist Attraction of Warangal

Apart from the grandeur and magnificence, Jain Temple makes a popular tourist attraction of Warangal because of immense faith of people and because of the peaceful aura within the temple premises. Having its origin somewhat 200 years back, this is regarded as one of the oldest temples of Warangal. Built in dedication of lord Mahavira, one of the very fascinating attractions of the temple is the 5 Ft tall Mahavira Image. This image is known to be carved on Jade which makes it all the more interesting. The temple is also surrounded by numerous figurines of Exceptional Tirthankara ad on to the splendor of the temple.

Jains- A Community of Peace Lovers

Apart from tourists and admirers of the architecture of the temple there is a certain group of people who hold immense faith in this temple built in dedication of lord Mahavira. This group of people is known as Jains. This is one of the popular peace loving community who are known to be meticulous when it comes upholding their principles. They are dead against violence and also are extremely strict in the life values. This group of people is usually fond of calmness and dedicates their entire life in search of enlightenment. Lord Mahavira and his principles are the basic fundamentals which the Jain tribe follow all their life.

The best part about this temple is that it is located in one of the very prime locations of the city and from the railway station of Warangal, it is just at a distance of 2 Kms. Almost all the modes of public transport connect people to The Jain Temple. So if you don’t want to miss out one of the exceptionally popular tourist attraction of Warangal then make sure you plan a trip to Jain Temple in an ideal Warangal tour.